Accidents happen.
We'll support you all the way!


How to declare a claim?

  • You can reach us by phone 24/24 for urgent help with a claim.
  • To submit a damage declaration, you can log in to your customer zone or contact us.

What happens when I make a claim?

  • We request you all necessary information and compile a file.
  • We send in the claim dossier to the insurance company. Either we settle the claim immediately with you or we ask the company to charge an expert.
  • We contact the expert, garage, and other relevant parties to fix an appointment to settle the damage claim.
  • We'll be present at expertise.
  • In case there is any doubt about the responsibility we'll examine the possibilities to contest your liability and discuss it with the insurance company. Where appropriate we organize the appointment of a second expert and transfer the dossier to your legal assistance.
  • We monitor all claim files on a regular basis and seek a quick and accurate settlement.